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[movies]gtgggreherw - hu
Keywords: u
Downloads: 58
[unknown]HU2 - HU?

Downloads: 2
[texts]Hydrangea kwangsiensis (Volume v.11-12 (1930-1931)) - Hu

Downloads: 88
[unknown]UV faktor 5 - HU?

Downloads: 50
[unknown]Absoluutselt - HU?

Downloads: 43
[unknown]Film - HU?

Downloads: 139
[texts]Nonlinear filtering in target tracking using cooperative mobile sensors - Jiangping Hu
Collaborative signal processing and sensor deployment have been among the most important research tasks in target tracking using networked sensors. In this paper, the mathematical model is formulated for single target tracking using mobile nonlinear scalar range sensors. Then a sensor deployment strategy is proposed for the mobile sensors and a nonlinear convergent filter is built to estimate the trajectory of the target.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Asymptotic properties of covariate-adaptive randomization - Yanqing Hu
Balancing treatment allocation for influential covariates is critical in clinical trials. This has become increasingly important as more and more biomarkers are found to be associated with different diseases in translational research (genomics, proteomics and metabolomics). Stratified permuted block randomization and minimization methods [Pocock and Simon Biometrics 31 (1975) 103-115, etc.] are the two most popular approaches in practice...
Downloads: 4
[movies]What is Abiding in Christ? - Pastor Hu
Keywords: fcbcfv; chinese; 1st service; cantonese; mandarin
Downloads: 18
[movies]Abel Man of Faith - Bro. Hu
01092011_1_胡蔭磐弟兄_信心偉人先烈 - 亞伯
Keywords: fcbcfv; 1st service; cantonese; mandarin; chinese
Downloads: 3
[movies]Alex Hu's Slideshow - Alex Hu
A slideshow involving friends from Lexington High School in MA. Please do not view if you do not know me directly in person.
Keywords: None
Downloads: 75
[texts]Correlation between the Mean Matter Density and the Width of the Saturated Lyman Alpha Absorption - Hu Zhan
We report a scaling of the mean matter density with the width of the saturated Lyman alpha absorptions. This property is established using the ``pseudo-hydro'' technique (Croft et al. 1998). It provides a constraint for the inversion of the Lyman alpha forest, which encounters difficulty in the saturated region. With a Gaussian density profile and the scaling relation, a simple inversion of the simulated Lyman alpha forests shows that the one-dimensional mass power spectrum is well recovered on ...
[texts]Optimal Softening for N-Body Halo Simulations - Hu Zhan
We propose to determine the optimal softening length in N-body halo simulations by minimizing the ensemble-average acceleration error at a small radius r0. This strategy ensures that the error never exceeds the optimal value beyond r0. Furthermore, we derive semi-analytic formulae for calculating the acceleration error due to the discreteness of particles and softened gravity, which are validated by direct N-body force calculations...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Factorization Theorem for Projective Varieties with Finite Quotient Singularities - Yi Hu
In this paper, we prove that any two birational projective varieties with finite quotient singularities can be realized as two geometric GIT quotients of a non-singular projective variety by a reductive algebraic group. Then, by applying the theory of Variation of Geometric Invariant Theory Quotients ([3]), we show that they are related by a sequence of GIT wall-crossing flips.
[texts]Geometric Invariant Theory and Birational Geometry - Yi Hu
In this paper we will survey some recent developments in the last decade or so on variation of Geometric Invariant Theory and its applications to Birational Geometry such as the weak Factorization Theorems of nonsingular projective varieties and more generally projective varieties with finite quotient singularities. Along the way, we will also mention some progresses on birational geometry of hyperK\"ahler manifolds as well as certain open problems and conjectures.
[movies]trial video for Chinese2English - Hu, Jie
trial video for Chinese2English
Keywords: trial
Downloads: 60
[texts]Quantum Divided Power Algebra, q-Derivatives and Some New Quantum Groups - Naihong Hu
The discussions in the present paper arise from exploring intrinsically the structure nature of the quantum $n$-space. A kind of braided category $\Cal {GB}$ of $\La$-graded $\th$-commutative associative algebras over a field $k$ is established. The quantum divided power algebra over $k$ related to the quantum $n$-space is introduced and described as a braided Hopf algebra in $\Cal {GB}$ (in terms of its 2-cocycle structure), over which the so called special $q$-derivatives are defined so that s...
Downloads: 1
[texts]The Large-Scale Structure of the Universe in One Dimension - Hu Zhan
(Abridged) I investigate statistical properties of one-dimensional fields in the universe such as the Lyman alpha forest and inverted line-of-sight densities. Because of gravitational clustering, the cosmic density field is already quite non-Gaussian on scales below 10 Mpc/h at redshift z=3. The covariance of the one-dimensional mass power spectrum indicates that Fourier modes in the cosmic density field are highly correlated and that the variance of the measured one-dimensional mass power spect...
Downloads: 2
[movies]Inflatable Xperts Video - Sherman Hu
Summer fun video by Inflatable Xperts
Keywords: inflatable boats; inflatable xperts
Downloads: 27
[texts]Local-global principle for quadratic forms over fraction fields of two-dimensional henselian domains - Yong Hu
Let $R$ be a 2-dimensional normal excellent henselian local domain in which 2 is invertible and let $L$ and $k$ be respectively its fraction field and residue field. Let $\Omega_R$ be the set of rank 1 discrete valuations of $L$ corresponding to codimension 1 points of regular proper models of $\Spec R$. We prove that a quadratic form $q$ over $L$ satisfies the local-global principle with respect to $\Omega_R$ in the following two cases: (1) $q$ has rank 3 or 4; (2) $q$ has rank $\ge 5$ and $R=A...
[texts]Acceleration from Modified Gravity: Lessons from Worked Examples - Wayne Hu
I examine how two specific examples of modified gravity explanations of cosmic acceleration help us understand some general problems confronting cosmological tests of gravity: how do we distinguish modified gravity from dark energy if they can be made formally equivalent? how do we parameterize deviations according to physical principles with sufficient generality, yet focus cosmological tests into areas that complement our existing knowledge of gravity? how do we treat the dynamics of modificat...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Generalized Slow Roll for Non-Canonical Kinetic Terms - Wayne Hu
We show that the generalized slow-roll approach for calculating the power spectrum where the inflationary slow roll parameters are neither small nor slowly varying can be readily extended to models with non-canonical kinetic terms in the inflaton action. For example, rapid sound speed variations can arise in DBI models with features in the warp factor leading to features in the power spectrum. Nonetheless there remains a single source function for deviations that is simply related to the power s...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Combinatorial Modelling and Learning with Prediction Markets - Jinli Hu
Combining models in appropriate ways to achieve high performance is commonly seen in machine learning fields today. Although a large amount of combinatorial models have been created, little attention is drawn to the commons in different models and their connections. A general modelling technique is thus worth studying to understand model combination deeply and shed light on creating new models. Prediction markets show a promise of becoming such a generic, flexible combinatorial model...
[texts]The Nature versus Nurture of Anisotropies - Wayne Hu
With the rapidly growing number of cosmic microwave background measurements on various scales, there is real hope that the number of acceptable models for structure formation will be limited to a very few in the near future. Yet any given model can always be saved by introducing and tuning extraneous free parameters. To better understand this question of ``nature versus nurture'' for temperature fluctuations, it is useful to know not only the general features of anisotropy predictions but also t...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Chiral corrections to heavy quark-diquark symmetry predictions for doubly heavy baryon zero-recoil semileptonic decay - Jie Hu
This paper studies the leading chiral corrections to heavy quark-diquark symmetry predictions for doubly heavy baryon semileptonic decay form factors. We derive the coupling between heavy diquarks and weak current in the limit of heavy quark-diquark symmetry, and construct the chiral Lagrangian for doubly heavy baryons coupled to weak current. We evaluate chiral corrections to doubly heavy baryon zero-recoil semileptonic decay for both unquenched and partially quenched QCD...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Spin Polarization and Dichroism Effects by Electric Field - Jiangping Hu
We show that electric field can induce spin polarization and dichroism effects in angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) in spin orbit coupling systems. The physical origin behind the effects essentially is the same as the spin Hall effect induced by the electric field. Since the ARPES experiments have both energy and momentum resolutions, the spin Hall effect can be directly verified by the ARPES experiments for individual band even if there is no net spin current.
[texts]BMW algebra, quantized coordinate algebra and type C Schur--Weyl duality - Jun Hu
We prove an integral version of the Schur--Weyl duality between the specialized Birman--Murakami--Wenzl algebra $B_n(-q^{2m+1},q)$ and the quantum algebra associated to the symplectic Lie algebra sp_{2m}. In particular, we deduce that this Schur--Weyl duality holds over arbitrary (commutative) ground rings, which answers a question of Lehrer and Zhang [Strongly multiplicity free modules for Lie algebras and quantum groups, J...
[texts]Weak Lensing of the CMB: A Harmonic Approach - Wayne Hu
Weak lensing of CMB anisotropies and polarization for the power spectra and higher order statistics can be handled directly in harmonic-space without recourse to real-space correlation functions. For the power spectra, this approach not only simplifies the calculations but is also readily generalized from the usual flat-sky approximation to the exact all-sky form by replacing Fourier harmonics with spherical harmonics...
Downloads: 3
[audio]Minimal Art Mixdown - hepepe.hu
Minimal Art is the best hungarian remix master at the ccMixter.org. Strong etno flavours, lazy, chill tunes, impressive sound. I collected my favorite Minimal Art trax from ccMixter. Enjoy! Tracklist: 1. Csango Vibrations 2.Nomada - Aven le roma (Minmal Art rmx) 3.Vieux Farka Toure - Ana Ona (Minimal Art rmx) 4.Desaprendere feat SilviaO. 5.Hobo's Son 6.Tonight feat. Calendargirl 7.RemixMyLife feat...
Keywords: miminal art; remix; etno; megamix; hungary
Downloads: 227
[audio]Brown Eyed Women - HU T
Test track for an acoustic version...
Keywords: Brown Eyed Women
Downloads: 12
[texts]CMB Anisotropies: A Decadal Survey - Wayne Hu
We review the theoretical implications of the past decade of CMB anisotropy measurements, which culminated in the recent detection of the first feature in the power spectrum, and discuss the tests available to the next decade of experiments. The current data already suggest that density perturbations originated in an inflationary epoch, the universe is spatially flat, and baryonic dark matter is required...
[texts]Division Algebras and Quadratic Forms over Fraction Fields of Two-dimensional Henselian Domains - Yong Hu
Let $K$ be the fraction field of a 2-dimensional, henselian, excellent local domain with finite residue field $k$. When the characteristic of $k$ is not 2, we prove that every quadratic form of rank $\ge 9$ is isotropic over $K$ using methods of Parimala and Suresh, and we obtain the local-global principle for isotropy of quadratic forms of rank 5 with respect to discrete valuations of $K$. The latter result is proved by making a careful study of ramification and cyclicity of division algebras o...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Transversally Elliptic Operators - Xiaodong Hu
We construct certain spectral triples in the sense of A. ~Connes and H. \~Moscovici (``The local index formula in noncommutative geometry'' {\it Geom. Funct. Anal.}, 5(2):174--243, 1995) that is transversally elliptic but not necessarily elliptic. We prove that these spectral triples satisfie the conditions which ensure the Connes-Moscovici local index formula applies. We show that such a spectral triple has discrete dimensional spectrum...
Downloads: 2
[texts]On the Convergence of Bayesian Regression Models - Yuao Hu
We consider heteroscedastic nonparametric regression models, when both the mean function and variance function are unknown and to be estimated with nonparametric approaches. We derive convergence rates of posterior distributions for this model with different priors, including splines and Gaussian process priors. The results are based on the general ones on the rates of convergence of posterior distributions for independent, non-identically distributed observations, and are established for both o...
[texts]A framework for structure-preserving submersions and some theorems in relativistic flows - Ziyang Hu
In this paper we first propose a framework of structure-preserving submersions, which generalises the concept of a Riemannian submersion, and dualises the concept of subgeometry, or "structure-preserving immersions". The emphasis of our approach is on making precise the free variables and the degree of freedom in a given system, thus making the messy calculations in such problems more bearable and, more importantly, algorithmic...
Downloads: 1
[texts]An Isocurvature Mechanism for Structure Formation - Wayne Hu
We examine a novel mechanism for structure formation involving initial number density fluctuations between relativistic species, one of which then undergoes a temporary downward variation in its equation of state and generates superhorizon-scale density fluctuations. Isocurvature decaying dark matter models (iDDM) provide concrete examples. This mechanism solves the phenomenological problems of traditional isocurvature models, allowing iDDM models to fit the current CMB and large-scale structure...
[texts]Cosmic tomographies: baryon acoustic oscillations and weak lensing - Hu Zhan
We explore the complementarity between two tomographic probes of the universe: baryon acoustic oscillations (BAOs) and weak lensing (WL). We find that photometric measurements of BAOs alone do not provide very tight constraints on the dark energy equation of state parameters, partially due to our uncertain knowledge of the galaxy bias. WL, on the other hand, is adversely impacted by the uncertainties of the probability distribution of photometric redshift (photo-z) errors...
[texts]Combinatorics and Quotients of Toric Varieties - Yi Hu
This paper studies two related subjects. One is some combinatorics arising from linear projections of polytopes and fans of cones. The other is quotient varieties of toric varieties. The relation is that projections of polytopes are related to quotients of projective toric varieties and projection of fans are related to quotients of general toric varieties. Despite its relation to geometry the first part is purely combinatorial and should be of interest in its own right.
Downloads: 3
[texts]On the Number of Fixed-Length Semiorders - Yangzhou Hu
A semiorder is a partially ordered set $P$ with two certain forbidden induced subposets. This paper establishes a bijection between $n$-element semiorders of length $H$ and $(n+1)$-node ordered trees of height $H+1$. This bijection preserves not only the number of elements, but also much additional structure. Based on this correspondence, we calculate the generating functions and explicit formulas for the numbers of labeled and unlabeled $n$-element semiorders of length $H$...
Downloads: 3
[texts]An Effective Potential for Composite Operators - Yue Hu
We study the effective potential for composite operators. Introducing a source coupled to the composite operator, we define the effective potential by a Legendre transformation. We find that in three or fewer dimensions, one can use the conventionally defined renormalized operator to couple to the source. However, in four dimensions, the effective potential for the conventional renormalized composite operator is divergent...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Structure Formation with Generalized Dark Matter - Wayne Hu
The next generation of cosmic microwave background (CMB) experiments, galaxy surveys, and high-redshift observations can potentially determine the nature of the dark matter observationally. With this in mind, we introduce a phenomenological model for a generalized dark matter (GDM) component and discuss its effect on large-scale structure and CMB anisotropies. Specifying the gravitational influence of the otherwise non-interacting GDM requires not merely a model for its equation of state but one...
[texts]Moment bounds for IID sequences under sublinear expectations - Feng Hu
In this paper, with the notion of independent identically distributed (IID) random variables under sublinear expectations introduced by Peng [7-9], we investigate moment bounds for IID sequences under sublinear expectations. We can obtain a moment inequality for a sequence of IID random variables under sublinear expectations. As an application of this inequality, we get the following result: For any continuous function $\phi$ satisfying the growth condition $|\phi(x)|\leq C(1+|x|^p)$ for some $C...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Gromov-Witten Invariants of Blow-ups Along Points and Curces - Jianxun Hu
In this paper, using the gluing formula of Gromov-Witten invariants under symplectic cutting, due to Li and Ruan, we studied the Gromov-Witten invariants of blow-ups at a smooth point or along a smooth curve. We established some relations between Gromov-Witten invariants of M and its blow-ups at a smooth point or along a smooth curve.
[texts]Dark Energy and Matter Evolution from Lensing Tomography - Wayne Hu
Reconstructed from lensing tomography, the evolution of the dark matter density field in the well-understood linear regime can provide model-independent constraints on the growth function of structure and the evolution of the dark energy density. We examine this potential in the context that high-redshift cosmology has in the future been fixed by CMB measurements. We construct sharp tests for the existence of multiple dark matter components or a dark energy component that is not a cosmological c...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Born-Rigid Flow and the AdS-CFT Correspondence - Ziyang Hu
This paper reviews the concepts and assumptions of rigid flow in relativistic fluid mech- anics, particularly the generalisation of the classical Herglotz-Noether theorem, that are relevant to the fluid approximation of the AdS-CFT dual of large rotating black-holes used by Bhattacharyya et al. We then give a brief outline of the recently found proof the generalised theorem.
[texts]The almost sure limits of the minimal position and the additive martingale in a branching random walk - Yueyun Hu
Consider a real-valued branching random walk in the boundary case. Using the techniques developed by A\"id\'ekon and Shi [5], we give two integral tests which describe respectively the lower limits for the minimal position and the upper limits for the associated additive martingale.
[texts]Quotients by Reductive Group, Borel Subgroup, Unipotent Group and Maximal Torus - Yi Hu
Consider an algebraic action of a connected complex reductive algebraic group on a complex polarized projective variety. In this paper, we first introduce the nilpotent quotient, the quotient of the polarized projective variety by a maximal unipotent subgroup. Then, we introduce and investigate three induced actions: one by the reductive group, one by a Borel subgroup, and one by a maximal torus, respectively...
[texts]The number of simple modules for the Hecke algebras of type G(r,p,n) (with an appendix by Xiaoyi Cui) - Jun Hu
We derive a parameterization of simple modules for the cyclotomic Hecke algebras of type $G(r,p,n)$ over field of any (coprime to $p$) characteristic. We give explicit formulas for the number of simple modules over these cyclotomic Hecke algebras.
Downloads: 5
[texts]Infinitely generated Lawson homology groups on some rational projective varieties - Wenchuan Hu
We construct rational projective 4-dimensional varieties with the property that certain Lawson homology groups tensored with Q are infinite dimensional Q-vector spaces. More generally, each pair of integers p and k, with k\geq 0, p>0, we find a projective variety Y, such that L_pH_{2p+k}(Y) is infinitely generated. We also construct two singular rational projective 3-dimensional varieties Y and Y' with the same homeomorphism type but different Lawson homology groups, specifically L_1H_3(Y) is no...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Neutrino Mixing and Discrete Symmetries - Bo Hu
In this paper we discuss a new way to derive neutrino mixing patterns, which originates from the idea proposed in a recent article by Hernandez and Smirnov. Its applications to various cases are discussed. We first present the complete set of possible mixing patterns for the minimal case where unbroken residual symmetries of the Majorana neutrino and left-handed charged-lepton mass matrices obey some general assumptions that are also satisfied by many models based on discrete symmetries...
Downloads: 2
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